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Gather55 Changes Coming Soon

September 23, 2022

To all our present and future Gather55 customers:  What an exciting time this has been with the opening of Gather55 at HOH.  The restaurant has become oh-so-popular – in fact so popular that it’s been difficult to even get a seat at a table on most days.  And although our staff and volunteers have worked hard to keep up with the crowds, we realize that our current structure simply isn’t sustainable in the long term.  The team has been working hard to address the issues to reduce the crowds, create a more restaurant-like environment, and make sure that we are able to welcome the diverse communities we had hoped for.

Gather55 will be closed 9/26 – 10/3 for the team to revamp all of the operations, install new tables and equipment, and do deep cleaning.  There will be a free meal provided by a volunteer group the evening of Monday 9/26 from 5:30 – 6:30pm.  During this closed period, Day Program services will be available Monday through Thursday 9/26-9/29 starting at 9am, although no accompanying meals will be provided since Gather55 will be closed.

Starting Tuesday, 10/4, Gather55 will re-open with an adjusted model based on full community participation.  Customers will pay what they can with a minimum payment of $2.00, and if they’re unable to pay they’ll have the option to volunteer at Hands On Hartford.  Services staff at HOH and partnering agencies will have “on the house” meal vouchers to help support those who are working hard on their goals and are not able to pay or volunteer.

We are also adjusting the hours and menu such that the doors will open at 9am for coffee and complimentary fruit, with a number of full meal options (both breakfast and lunch type items) being available from 10am- 2pm. There will be a limited (for now) ‘full pay’ menu as well available beginning at 9am.

Change is never easy, but often vitally important.  We remain committed to providing restaurant quality meals to folks of all income levels in a peaceful, welcoming space such that connections can be made and services can be accessed through our adjacent day program. We also believe that increased feelings of dignity and confidence can come to folks by participating through financial contributions and volunteering. A nice bonus for sure!  We are all looking forward to a new start as a warm, welcoming, calm, friendly and delicious restaurant where everyone in our community can join us in our vision of nourishing, connecting and giving.

With thanks from the Hands On Hartford/Gather55 Team

This post was written by Kate Shafer, Communications Manager at Hands On Hartford. You may contact the author at kshafer@handsonhartford.org.