Hands On Hartford

Hitting the Pause Button: Cafe at Fifty-Five and Caterers Who Care

December 9, 2020

Like so many restaurants in these COVID times, we have decided that it’s time for the Cafe at Fifty-Five and Caterers Who Care operations to go on hiatus, effective December 31. The impacts of COVID sure are showing their colors in terms of increased community needs and continued struggles for restaurants and catering businesses, ours included.

We hope you that you’ll come by sometime this month for breakfast, lunch or a hot cup of coffee or tea. Megyn has been making some extra-special baked goods so there’s always a sweet treat waiting for you here. And those who have gift certificates – now’s the time to use them! You can even donate them for the pay-for-a-neighbor program.

We are happy to report that the kitchen space here at our Center for Community will continue to be used for our Community Meals Program, Holiday Meals, and of course by our Shared Kitchen members. Our beautiful Cafe space will be enjoyed by Community Meals guests. And we continue to welcome visitors to our Center and the coffee and teapot will be on for your visit.

We thank all of our wonderful and loyal customers for joining us for meals and coffee, and we look forward to the day we can reopen both Cafe and Catering. In the meantime, a group of us will take advantage of this time to explore what’s next for this mission-driven and mission-supporting enterprise.

Special thanks to Chef Andy and the wonderful Megyn and Daryl for sticking with us during these oh-so-difficult times, and to the many volunteers who lent a hand in the cafe and kitchen this year.

Stay tuned for more information about future plans in the new year.

This post was written by Kate Shafer, Communications Manager at Hands On Hartford. You may contact the author at kshafer@handsonhartford.org.