Hands On Hartford

Youth Immersion Project

August 3, 2018

Recently, we had a group of 12 young people and three adults from the  United Methodist Church of Rockville here at Hands On Hartford. This group dedicated three full days to service, putting their own  hands on our city. While they were here they did many projects, including cleaning up the neighborhood, running a food drive, serving at community meals, and preparing rain/snack kits to be shared at our community meals. In addition, they participated in two programs whose purpose was to help them learn more about homelessness in Hartford.

It was amazing to watch the faces of the young people as they listened to a speaker from our Faces of Homelessness program. Their rapt attention, and  their thoughtful questions demonstrated their interest and concern for helping others.


Watching this group learn about the needs of others, and then seeing them take  action to make a difference, was a powerful experience for me. How fortunate we are to have dedicated volunteers of all ages here at Hands On Hartford. With groups like this one, there is hope for a future filled with compassion and caring!

This post was written by Edith Tresner, Volunteer Coordinator at Hands On Hartford. You may contact the author at etresner@handsonhartford.org.